"I have to say there is something magical that happens when women join together for a common purpose. It creates a connection unlike anything you have ever experienced. The sisterhood that is formed that lasts a lifetime." - Alissa Sunshine  


We are about powerfully connecting women to uplift and inspire each other, in a world where women tend to tear each other down. 


Time: Friday arrive at 6 p.m. with dinner at 6:30. Sunday end time is 4 p.m.

Where: Maple Hill Retreat Lodge, Chetek, WI

This beautiful lodge is on 600+ acres of private wilderness. It includes:

  • 2 private lakes and over 11 miles of private trails.
  • Kayaks, canoes, and a row boat are included. We may rent a pontoon if weather permits.
  • We will have a fire pit and a 6-person hot tub to sit under the stars and maybe sip a glass of wine together.

This will be a weekend of:

  • Passionate speakers,
  • Connection with a powerful sisterhood of loving women.
  • Lots of laughter and maybe a few tears
  • Plus plenty of time to relax, enjoy conversation, or exploring the property.

Investment: Take advatage of this incredible price! It will never be this low again. Book before August 25th, the price will only be $199. After that it goes up to $249. This includes 2 nights lodging(most likely a twin bed or sharing a queen bed), supplies,and food. 

If the wind is light we will be lighting and releasing paper lanterns that will carry our dream up to the Universe.....and many other fun team activities.

This will be a weekend of awesome music, empowering videos, hands-on activities, group bonding exercises and so much more!! Be prepared for lots of laughs, maybe a few tears, deep connection, and so many memories!

If you have never been around a group of people who are passionate about life, get ready to ignite your passion!  If you have, welcome home.  

Book by August 26th and its only $199 after that it is $249. Click on the button below to get the early bird pricing. 


Before this class I was depressed and felt unwanted. Now I feel like Superwoman who can do anything! ~Anonymous

This was an amazing experience and it has inspired me to never give up and to chase my dreams and never stop. ~Anonymous

The videos, visualizations, and group discussions provided a good reminder that we need to look within and really see the world for the beautiful gifts it has and continues to provide us. Voicing our own fears and breaking through it was a reminder of the strength we each possess to overcome and succeed. WE GOT THIS!! ~Crystal, Clayton, WI 

I loved the entire presentation. You had a lot of amazing information that kept our attention. I did not know what to expect but, I am truly blessed that I was able to be a part of this. I had a lot of self doubt but feel lighter and more free. I absolutely loved breaking the boards. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders!! ~Lisa, Amery, WI 

This will be a life defining Retreat.

you will divide your experiences as,before Sisters Unite and after Sisters Unite.

In the past 6 years I have spent well over $30,000 on personal development training. This prepared me to share with you some of the most powerful tools and techniques that I have learned to transform your health, relationships, parenting, connection, finances, business, and so much more.

Why so cheap? Some coaches charge $600-3000+ or more for retreats like this. People happily pay it for the incredible value they get. I want to make this accessible to all of you that are craving the connection of this sisterhood. My vision is to create a thriving community of 100+ positive-minded women and teens. To be able to touch that many lives I need your help. 

How can YOU help? This program resonates with so many women that I keep getting asked how can I help? Share this page! Share the Facebook posts. Tell your mother, sisters, daughters, co-workers, relatives, and friends. Anyone who is optimistic and postive-minded or sincerely wants to learn to be. 

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life will never be the same again