Who is Alissa Sunshine?

Alissa Sunshine is a single mom of three amazing kids and the founder of an award-winning,multi-location company. Through personal experience and as a Certified NAP/NLP Practitioner Sunshine is helping people transform their lives and their businesses.

Sunshine came to this choice in helping people because of the adversity she had to overcome to become the person she needed to be to run her businesses. Who she is now is a far cry from where she started. In her younger years she went through traumatic experiences and found traditional therapy and different programs left her still not able to breakthrough to be successful in her business and relationships.

Fortunately, she found a specialist in neuroscience and human psychology and neuro associative programming where she was able to heal in a short period of time what traditional means weren’t able to do.

After finding incredible success quickly and easily her life began opening up to infinite possibilities, it was in that moment that she decided she wanted to give the same gift to others that she received.

Knowing the lack in the industry of true means of service to help people through traditional means, she invested years learning and understanding what it took for real transformation like the one she experienced.

She studied professionally for a year with NAP Coaching Academy and became a Certified NAP/NLP Practitioner who can help any person who may be going through or have gone through a divorce or other traumatic event in their lives get past those events quickly. These people can then begin living the amazing, healthy, fulfilling lives they deserve.

My Catalyst:

This has been a long journey and I didn't start out this strong, powerful woman that I now am. At one point I was married to a violently abusive husband. One night when I was 19 year old he slammed me to the ground and shattered a vertebra in my back.  Then he threw me out the back door of our trailer topless in just my panties. Shivering and crying from the pain I summoned the strength to crawl to the front of the house and curl up in a rocking chair until he finally let me in hours later. Still I stayed with him.

At that point in my life I truly didn’t think I deserved anything more. I didn't understand that I had the power to change my life.It was several years later, when he picked up a knife and threatened to kill me, that I finally summoned the courage to escape.

It took me 13 years to release that broken self and to morph in the spiritual warrior goddess that I know I am today. He gave me the gift of walking out of all of our lives completely which allowed me to raise three amazing kids without that influence. Claiming it was easy would be a lie, it was hard at times. Sometimes I had no idea how we would ever survive and pay the bills, but failure wasn’t an option. I kept reaching up and never looked back.

My driving force was the desire to show my kids that nothing is impossible. Even though I was a single mom, I refused to allow that to define what I could do. I started consuming books that taught me the power of my thoughts. Then I learned about energy and spirituality. Not religion but the essence of pure love that is all around us guiding us in every moment.

This powerful force guided me to start my company. Then it lead me to the incredible programs and mentors that have taught me the tools, techniques, and strategies to create massive transformations in my life and in my clients personal and business lives.

Through it all I uncovered what can be created with the sheer power of faith and unshakable determination.  In my desire to help others and show my kids there are no limits I created a multi-million dollar company from the ground up. Through that journey I realized how many amazing women just like myself are looking for guidance from someone who has walked through the fire and knows the shortcuts. 

That is why I have dedicated my life to getting the advanced skills and techniques to quickly annihilate limiting beliefs and allow for massive transformation.  

My soul work is helping women business owners to increase their cash flow and free up their time. This allows them to have the financial abundance to create deeper fulfillment in their life. This is why my soul guided methrough the "traumatic" experiences. It was allowing me to gather the tools I needed to help others. 

My Background

  • Executive Business Strategist and Certified NLP and NAP Practitioner  
  • Creator of four location, award-winning multi-million dollar company.
  • Transformation Expert helping people transform their personal and professional lives.
  • Transformational Workshop Facilitator for Teens
  • Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer with Mike Dooley
  • Master Life Coach with International Coaches Federation
  • Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition- University of Natural Health 
  • Completed Path to Greatness – Leadership I and II
  • Graduate of Tony Robbins Business Mastery, Date with Destiny, and Unleash the Power Within 
  • Transformational Speaker
  • Non-Denominational Ordained Minister
  • Reiki & Pranic Energy Healer