transformational speaker

Alissa is a speaker who inspires you to create lasting change. If you are looking for a speaker to really ignite your audience ! She has touched the lives of thousands. Some of the groups she has had the honor to speak for: 

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Women's Expos
  • Entrepreneur Workshops
  • Health and fitness groups
  • Possibilities in Paradise in Key West
  • Love event in Breckinridge, CO
  • Transformational Workshops
  • Several Rotary Clubs and Chamber of Commerce Events


I’ve had the privilege to hear Alissa speak on several occasions and each time was blown away. Her passion, knowledge and enthusiasm are very evident during her presentation. She speaks with grace, style and from the heart keeping everyone in the audience engaged and eager to hear more. Having attended many seminars, events and programs in the past I think I can fairly say that Alissa’s talent as a speaker is outstanding. Michelle Spalding, Founder/CEO - Transaction Coordinator at TMC - Virtual Transaction Coordinators

I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to Alissa speak a couple of times, and I have to say that she is incredible. She is as sincere as she is authentic. Alissa has a special way of connecting with an audience that draws them in and holds their attention. The last time I heard her speak in Key West, I was as fascinated by the audience’s reaction as I was by her talk, because everyone was mesmerized as she shared her story. By the time she finished there wasn’t a single dry eye anywhere. THAT is the mark of a truly great speaker and story teller. I highly recommend having Alissa speak to your group. Inspiration, motivation, and a healthy dose of self-love are just a few of the take-aways you’ll get. Appio Hunter CHC, IPCT“The Emotion Emancipator

I heard Alissa speak at our conference. She masterfully unveiled the layers of a life that would suffocate most, she built a powerful story of her survival while overcoming appalling scenarios. Alissa demonstrates the might of a Superwoman. She does so in a voice so sweet and unsuspecting of the command she has discovered for creating the life she truly desires. She empowered us to take charge, while being grateful, kind, strong, and engaged in life, even when circumstances may seem so dire. None of this you would have known by looking and listening to her positive, daily conversation. So, when she tells her story, you stop in your track, and listen. You admire. You cheer. You change. Corinne Melmer Read, Executive Director, Coach at BrainGearz 

I was very honored when I met Alissa, such a vibrant, beautiful woman so full of energy and love for everyone. Then I was given the treat to hear her speak. Through the power of her own, authentic story, she connected with me and everyone else in attendance. She described a tale of success through adversity that she honestly described as ongoing. This wonderful person is the epitome of strength, courage, perseverance, intelligence, and amazing character. If you have the opportunity to hear her speak on any subject, I can guarantee it will be an experience that will move you, leaving you different than you came. Truly a blessing!! Pete Cosaboon, Spiritual Life Coach at The Angel Encourager.