Rewire Your Subconscious

for Fitness and weight loss

REWIRE FOR FITNESS is the space where you’re tapped into how easy it can be to create an active and fit lifestyle.

When your body is healthy and fit..
Everything feels easy.
Energy, easy.
Health, easy.
Relationships, easy.
Money, easy.
All of it.

There’s no worries, no concerns, just a deep sense of certainty and confidence knowing you mastered this area of your life.

You don’t have to think about making healthy choices because it just becomes who you are.

The healthy habits become automatic.

You feel full of energy and strength knowing that you are in the driving seat with your health and you    know exactly where you are going.

You feel so good that you can’t even imagine how you were ever stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, or felt like it wasn’t possible. 

I have seen so many people struggling with weight loss and getting fit. Over and over they try to convince themselves that if they just have more will power, they can lose the weight.

The problem isn’t about will power. It's about rewiring your brain for how you think about it. Rewiring the old destructive habits and replacing them with healthy ones.

It is about educating yourself on what it actually means to be healthy. Also creating a powerful vision for what it will specifically look like to have a healthy and fit body and mindset.

What’s the real work? Showing up to the trainings and opening up to a new way of thinking about your health and fitness!

It is time you allow yourself to take back your power. Time to know that you are in control of your health and fitness and it is NOT in control of you.

  • Time to learn the powerful tools and techniques to transform your body for life.
  • Learn what to eat.
  • Learn easy ways to make delicious healthy food that is packed with nutrition.
  • Learn what exercise is the most effective at transforming your body.
  • Learn how to look in the mirror and love what you see.
  • Learn the simple but powerful way to set yourself up for success each morning.

I am so tired of seeing people struggle and fail at losing the weight or sticking to a healthy lifestyle…

That’s why I’ve created my brand new LIVE course >>

An 8 week journey to rewire your thoughts, words, and emotions to powerfully align to create a healthy fit lifestyle. FOR LIFE!

This program will teach you how to shift how you see yourself.

Even if your whole life you have seen yourself as fat and unhealthy, or decided that you don’t have any other choice because everyone in your family is overweight.

That is just an excuse your brain is using to keep you stuck.

That doesn’t mean it is the truth of who you are.

During this powerful time together in Rewire for Fitness you’re going to:

  • Learn the science behind how fitness and nutrition affect your body.
  • Learn to reprogram your words, thoughts, emotions, and focus on what you are committed to creating.
  • Get the support and accountability from being part of this powerful group.
  • Find easy ways to create healthy habits that become so ingrained that it is just who you are.
  • Create an empowering, healthy identity.
  • Step into your power and take back control of your health and fitness. 
  • And so much more!

I’ll be creating 8 weeks of brand new REWIRE YOUR FITNESS content, resources, trainings and more specifically for the rockstars who are ready to create a long-term healthy lifestyle.

And of course, this entire experience will extend past the 8 weeks with our Facebook group you will be connected to this support system.

What You'll Receive:

New LIVE Trainings + Q&A’s

This will be one of the most powerful parts of our time together! Brand new live trainings + open Q&A and all the trainings will be recorded so even if you can't make it live you won't miss a thing!

Access to the Private REWIRE FOR FITNESS Facebook Group

You may have felt alone on this journey up to now, but not anymore. Meet rockstar friends that are on the same journey and feel like you've known each other forever. Ask questions, share celebrations!

Lifetime Access to All Trainings and Replays

Even after our 8 powerful weeks together you'll continue to have lifetime access to all the replays, resources, audios and more from this space to continue to stay on track -- THIS IS A HUGE VALUE!


BONUS 1 >> Get access to my morning success routine that will teach you how to wire your mindset to keep you focused on creating a healthy AND fit lifestyle.

This morning routine will be a key ingredient to reprogramming your subconscious for a healthy lifestyle.

This resource alone is totally worth signing up for REWIRE FOR FITNESS because it's going to totally shift how you approach your health and fitness for good.

BONUS 2 >> FIRST 20 Receive Deeply Discounted Fast Action Pricing!

I'm here to shake up the way that people, like you, approach building a healthy lifestyle. This program is designed to create lasting changes in how you see yourself. Expect REWIRE YOUR FITNESS to boost your confidence in all areas of your life. Once you learn how to reprogram your mind for success in this area, the other areas will be easy!

That's why I've priced the entire REWIRE FOR FITNESS course, super low! Making this work, the resources, live trainings and more accessible to you no matter where you're at in your life right now. But don't wait, this fast action pricing won't last long!

Get BOTH Bonuses When You Take Fast Action and Sign Up Today!

This entire LIVE course is easily valued at $1,000 or more, but…

I feel called to open it at a super low, super accessible price point so every person who’s done with being unhealthy and unfit and is ready to REWIRE FOR FITNESS all the way to their fitness goals can do so starting Now!

When you're one of the FIRST 20 to join get access to this entire 8 WEEK LIVE Course + NEW Trainings + Supportive FB Group + Lifetime Access to ALL the Content…

FOR ONLY $197!

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The program starts on February 20th!

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Hey, I'm Alissa Sunshine, owner of Sunshine Fitness Centers, peak performance coach, speaker and trainer.

I started Sunshine Fitness Centers back in 2011 with a dream to help people create a healthy community of fitness-minded rock stars.  

Since then I have helped thousands of people create a healthier lifestyle. In my coaching programs I have given people the tools and techniques to transform their bodies and their fitness level.

In the past 8 years, I have invested over $100,000 in education to learn the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques to be able to help my clients rapidly create massive lifelong changes.

This program will help ANYONE to transform their health and fitness no matter where you are starting from.

Together we will prove that you can create a body that you love. That you can wake up excited for the day, full of energy! You get to finally break free from the weight loss struggle once and for all.  

Are you ready?

When you're one of the FIRST 20 to join get access to this entire 8 WEEK LIVE Course + NEW Trainings + Supportive FB Group + Lifetime Access to ALL the Content…

FOR ONLY $197!

Doors Closing Soon

Secure Fast Action Pricing NOW Before It's Gone!

Sign up now to take advantage of this special Fast Action offer before it’s gone.


Doors Closing Soon!

When You Join REWIRE FOR FITNESS You'll Receive:

  • NEW LIVE Weekly Trainings
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A’s session.
  • Access to the Private REWIRE FOR FITNESS FB Group
  • Powerful Morning Success Routine that will rewire your brain for daily success.
  • Lifetime Access to All Trainings and Replays

In REWIRE FOR FITNESS you’re going to:

  • Create your own clear vision on what you want your body and lifestyle to be like.
  • Easily implement new healthy daily habits that powerfully transform your life.
  • Transform your confidence and how you speak and think about yourself.
  • Break old emotions patterns that spiral you back into unhealthy choices.
  • Learn to stay focused on the lifestyle and body you want and let go of what is holding you back.
  • Wake up full of energy and motivated to make healthy choices.
  • Learn to love you for you. You will prove to yourself that you can change and create a healthy lifestyle once and for all!


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