Peak Performance Coaching

Alissa had spent the last 11 years investing boldly in herself and her personal development. Seven years ago she created Sunshine Community Fitness Centers that has grown to 4 locations. 

As a professional speaker and peak performance coach, she’s dedicated her life to working with motivated rockstars who are ready to break through their limiting beliefs to create a life they are in love with! She focuses on abundance, health, leadership, relationships, cash flow, strategies to grow mind, body and soul.

In her complimentary strategy session, she will help to discover where you want to go, and create a plan to map out the path. 

Why Choose Peak Performance Coach Alissa Sunshine?

Empowerment Expert

Alissa has invested over $90,000 in personal development and learning cutting edge neuro science technologies. She is able to breakthrough in an hour what could take years in traditional therapy.


Most coaches learn how to coach, but do not have the real world background of creating and growing a successful company. Alissa Sunshine has created an award-winning company from an idea. She has had her hand in every aspect of the business. She knows it is not all sunshine and rainbows and has successfully navigated all the obstacles and continues to grow today.


Working with Alissa you will learn how a daily spiritual practice is her secret ingredient for success and fulfillment. She has a deep faith in the Universe (God, your higher self, angels, or whatever your belief is). That combined with a daily gratitude practice, and the understanding that where focus goes energy flows (law of attraction), allows her to manifest the life and business most deem impossible. 

Guarantee Results

Very few people will guarantee your results but Alissa Sunshine will not take on a client she doesn’t believe she can help.